About Us

The Square One Education Network is dedicated to igniting the creative potential of students in the exploration of engineering, science and mathematics.
Our purpose is to provide financial support to students, faculty and other educational institutions to enable them to pursue K-12 educational programs in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields in their broadest sense.
Our Board of Directors are automotive and electronics industrialists and educators with a common vision that students should be provided the opportunity to pursue technology oriented careers through hands-on science, mathematics and engineering in learning environments.

Board of Directors:

Chairman: Len Tedesco, Oakshott Engineering

Vice Chairman: Rico Racosky, Southwest Airlines

Secretary: Paul Drummond, Macomb Intermediate School District

Treasurer: Myron Trenne, Retired Yazaki

Chair Emeritus: Joe Ziomek, JFZ and Associates

Dave Acton, Transformation Network, LLC

Judy Bridgeman, Chrysler LLC

Robert Rivard,

David Turner, Retired Eaton Corporation

Lee Miller, Integrated Precision Controls

John Waraniak, SEMA

Will Sommerville, Solar Ovonics